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The meniscus is structure that adds to the stability of the knee, controls movements and distributes / absorbs loads away from the joint surface of the knee thus acting as shock absorbers. It is a form of cartilage (different to the articular surface cartilage).

There are 2 meniscii in the knee – one on each side; medial and lateral (inner and outer) and they sit on top of the tibia (shin bone).

They are C-shaped structures when viewed from above and triangular when viewed from the front.

Either or both meniscii can be torn



History & Clinical examination

Standing X-rays of the knee

MRI Scanning may be required for further detail of the torn meniscus or damage to other structures



Depending on the symptoms and type of meniscal tear there are 2 methods of treatment

  1. Non-operative: Physiotherapy with or without injection therapy

  2. Operative treatment:  Operative treatment involves arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery and trimming of the torn area or if amenable then repair can be considered.

 Meniscal Repair Debridement/ Repair